We are Taiwa

An Agency specialized in voice applications and artificial intelligence

Create together your modern conversational application

Taiwa is an agency creating apps for virtual personal assistant like Google Home


The voice application as an interface between the client and the company

Taiwa develops and creates functional voice applications which guarantee a unique and original user experience for your clients.

The voice application is a tool to help gain customer loyalty and which allows you to interact with your clients on millions of compatible and connected units.

100 Millions

smart speakers
sold by the end of 2018

400 Millions

devices with
Google Assistant

50 %

will be vocal in 2020

Our Offers


4000 € HT
  • Développement Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Voice strategy
  • Test and optimization
  • Voice strategy
  • 10 days guarantee
  • Content update
  • Stats tracking
  • Hosting


8000 € HT
  • « Basic » Offer +
  • Database
  • Feedback user
  • Custom interface
  • Guarantee 10 days more
  • Advice and analysis
  • Training and accompaniment
  • Premium hosting



Personalize the relationship with your users by interacting with them, create a unique and daily link between them and you


Intuitive, easy-to-access applications that give your users satisfaction through a direct and personalised conversation


Attract a new public with an creative voice application that will set you apart from your competitors


The voice is the shortest path to the transmission of thoughts, get closer to your users through continuous and real dialogue


Google Home smart speakers developed by Google

Google Home

The popular connected speaker by Google with his assistant Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa, smart speakers developed by Amazon

Amazon Alexa

Smart intuitive speaker developed by the lab of Amazon with Amazon Echo

Apple Homepod, smart speakers developed by Apple

Apple Homepod (prochainement)

Smart Speaker made in Apple with his popular assistant Apple Siri



Stay in close contact with your users


Simply order using only your voice


Share your news and information

Taiwa is an agency creating apps for Assistant like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Echo


Schedule tasks and stay informed


Create fun for your users


Broadcast your customised playlists


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